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Join Our Free Software Teaching Program

Enterprise-grade software at no cost to your school.

Join Our Free Academic Software Program

Build your lesson plans without breaking your budget. Students learn high-demand application development, cybersecurity, and modernization software skills in your academic program—for free.

Joining the Program

Four easy steps.

step 1

If you would like to teach using OpenText software, complete the registration form.

step 2

Once your application has been approved by OpenText, you will receive a legal document which you should complete, sign, and return.

step 3

After OpenText receives the signed legal agreement, you will receive download instructions for the selected software within a few days.

step 4

Integrate your new software into your lesson plans.

And that's it.

If you need support, you now have access to a broad range of resources and communities that can help you with best practices, tips, and other materials to help you teach your students the skills they need to succeed in today’s workplace.

Joining is easy.

Start the process for your free software today!

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