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Airlines Terminal Emulation Software

Succeed in the Highly Competitive Airline Industry

The growing need to offer a frictionless travel experience is posing huge challenges to legacy infrastructures. Micro Focus consistently engineers the most robust and reliable travel-specific software available.


Solutions for Airlines Terminal Emulation

Connect to
multiple hosts

Enable employees and customers to communicate with any major GDS, as well as any MATIP-based reservation system. Certified for CUTE/CUPPS environments, our solutions offer secure, persistent, and reliable access to TPF, Unisys, UNIX/VMS, and IBM hosts from any web or Windows desktop.


Reduce errors and
boost productivity

Gain all the productivity-enhancing benefits that come with Microsoft Office. Users can create emails, notes, tasks, and appointments, all from within an emulation session. They can also take advantage of AutoComplete, AutoExpand, Spell Check, Scratch Pad, and Recent Typing to save thousands of keystrokes every day.


Print data from any host
to any peripheral device

Use your printer to output boarding passes, luggage tags, tickets, and documents. Support shared printers, host devices, intelligent card readers, specialized ticket printers, and point-of-sale terminals.


development efforts

Use development tools to create brand new workflows, processes, and experiences for employees, partners, and customers. Put a fresh face on legacy apps, rewrite them to add functionality, or build custom web apps.


More Solutions for Airlines Terminal Emulation

InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Airlines Terminal Emulator

InfoConnect Desktop Pro is a comprehensive package of Windows-based terminal emulation, print delivery, and software development tools.

Reflection for the Web

Reflection for the Web Airlines Edition is a web-based terminal emulator that connects browser users to IBM ALCS/TPF, Unisys, IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and HP hosts.

Host Access Management and Security Server

Micro Focus Host Access Management and Security Server works with your Security (IAM) system to centrally manage and secure InfoConnect terminal emulation sessions.

Verastream SDK for Unisys and Airlines

Micro Focus Verastream Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unisys and Airlines is an SDK that enables programmers to use existing T27 and UTS applications.

Host Access for the Cloud

Host Access for the Cloud is a web-based, zero-footprint terminal emulator for the modern enterprise. With Host Access for the Cloud, there’s no need to manage desktop software or Java runtime environments.

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