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Quality Acceleration for SAP Solution Modernization

Speed up your SAP software transformation with solutions for quality acceleration, automation, and assurance. The result? Less cost and higher quality releases.

Embed Quality into SAP Solution Releases

Whether you’re moving to S/4HANA, migrating to the cloud, or optimizing business processes, we have solutions that can accelerate your SAP Software transformation. Discover our industry-leading quality management, intelligent test automation, and performance engineering tools.

Test SAP Cloud with OpenText™ Cloud

Leverage OpenText solutions for SAP solutions when executing risky SAP Cloud migration strategies. Enjoy the benefits of OpenText™ ValueEdge, OpenText™ ALM/Quality Center, OpenText™ ALM Octane, OpenText™ LoadRunner solutions, and more—with all of the advantages of working in a SaaS environment.

Test SAP Cloud with Micro Focus Cloud

Gain Intelligent SAP Solution Testing

OpenText helps you test your SAP applications earlier and faster. We combine broad SAP technology support, such as S/4HANA and SuccessFactors, with AI-driven capabilities to deliver the speed and resiliency you need to support the rapid application changes typical of SAP solution modernization.

Gain Intelligent SAP Testing

Embrace SAP Business Processes for Quality Delivery

Make SAP software releases work for your business users by connecting testing priorities to business relevance. Use business process models, such as SAP Signavio or BPMN, to accelerate and focus test automation design and creation. The result is highly relevant and robust end-to-end automation, with reduced time and effort.

Embrace SAP Business Processes for Quality Delivery

Implement Performance Engineering for SAP Solutions

OpenText comprehensive testing solutions give you complete SAP and non-SAP solution support from a cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment. They help you deliver the performance your users deserve. Additionally, Service Virtualization ensures Test system availability won’t roadblock your testing completion.

Implement Performance Engineering for SAP

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OpenText™ UFT One

Accelerate and simplify your SAP test automation efforts resulting in highly reusable and easier to maintain tests, through our easy to adopt solution with embedded AI driven technology.


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OpenText™ Application Lifecycle Management

Ensure quality is built into your SAP systems by providing a centralized point for management, execution and visibility of all testing stakeholders.


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OpenText™ ALM Octane

Embed quality from ideation to release across your SAP and non-SAP projects, following the Agile or Hybrid methods that your team needs. Ensure everyone is working to the same goals.


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OpenText™ Service Virtualization

Discover, design, and simulate dependent services and systems during testing, to prevent your SAP test environment becoming a bottleneck to testing success.


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OpenText™ LoadRunner Family

Intuitive design, execution, and analysis of DevOps ready end-to-end performance engineering tests, at speed and scale with the broadest technology support.


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OpenText™ UFT Digital Lab

A real device lab that helps you build an SAP application experience from real-world insights. Our solution is a complete, centralized lab of real mobile devices and emulators.


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OpenText™ Business Process Testing (ALM/Quality Center)

Accelerated functional test automation with an integrated, shift-left, component-based test framework separating the technical automation work from the business process experts.

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OpenText™ Fortify

Ensure that security is visible, audited and built-in to your SAP applications by stopping code vulnerability fears and knowledge gaps slowing the pace of developments.


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Case Studies

Roche Diagnostics
Roche Diagnostics

UFT One AI capabilities improve regression testing times by 90% and enhance test coverage while aligning with corporate DevOps delivery.


Global SAP end-to-end testing based on ALM/Quality Center and UFT One increases IT quality and customer satisfaction.

CONA Services LLC
CONA Services LLC

Performance test SAP applications on shared-instance platform used by North America Coca-Cola bottlers.


ADM Market Insight: Automate SAP Testing with UFT One’s AI-Based Capabilities

OpenText enables enterprise IT to accelerate application delivery and build innovative software with less risk, to help businesses drive their digital transformation.

Key Steps to SAP Modernization

SAP modernization opens a broad field of automation possibilities, which modern enterprises have embraced—especially in the core areas of their businesses. Automation reduces the amount of time your personnel spend on tasks that are tedious and prone to operator error.

Forrester Wave: Continuous Test Automation Platforms Report 2022

View this report to see why OpenText has been named a Leader in the Q4 2022 Forrester Wave Continuous Automation Testing Platforms Report.

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