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Data Backup and Resiliency

Deliver secure, compliant data backups for your company, including endpoint data protection.

Ensure your business operations quickly return to normal with secure, compliant backups of all company data and endpoints from a single management point. Minimize revenue loss and maintain reputation with fast data restoration.

Automated backup and disaster recovery

Implement data backup and disaster recovery for physical, virtual, cloud, and container environments.

Continuous data protection.
Continuous data protection

Our cloud backup service provides continuous data protection and enables users to explore files and find the data they need to recover.

Safeguard your data—always.
Safeguard your data—always

Advanced encryption and security technology safeguards your data, including during transmission, storage, and recovery.


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Use Cases

Enhanced automated disaster recovery

Automatic info collection packages OS data and config files in a single image.

Digital destinies, virtual environments

We offer many capabilities that protect fully virtualized environments.

Ransomware protection

Our capabilities offer your data maximum protection from cyberattacks.


Frequently Asked Questions

See how Data Protector can deliver secure, compliant backups of all your company data from a single management point.

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