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Integrated Performance Engineering Products

Deliver high-performing apps that surpass customer expectations using end-to-end performance engineering.

The LoadRunner Family of Performance Engineering Solutions

Deploy high-performing apps that surpass customer expectations using an integrated set of enterprise-grade performance engineering solutions, spanning developers to performance engineers, incorporating intelligent analytics, and supporting extensive integrations with DevOps and application performance monitoring (APM) tools. Engineer software quality early and into the end-user experience.

Confidently test the complex load, stress, and performance scenarios legacy, website, and mobile applications require using the widest range of protocols in the industry. Real-time, online and offline anomaly detection is achieved with superior analytics and reporting such as correlation analysis, performance trending, NV insights, and data mashing with other tools. Achieve better test accuracy by emulating real-world network conditions and eliminate bottlenecks and dependencies through quickly creating realistic simulations of APIs and virtual services.

Execute end-to-end performance engineering

Execute end-to-end performance engineering

Using shift-left performance testing through shift-right application performance monitoring, engineer quality and optimize performance at any point in the DevOps pipeline.

Scale with broad support

Scale with broad support

With support for more than 50 application protocols and technologies and over 52 scripting technologies, and integrating with open source CI/CD tools, continually engineer quality.

Share and reuse assets for continuous testing

Share and reuse assets for continuous testing

Use a shared and open architecture with a diverse ecosystem of tool integrations that supports continuous performance testing and asset reuse across any application type, protocol, and IDE.

Breakdown siloes and collaborate seamlessly

Breakdown siloes and collaborate seamlessly

Foster a cross-functional team of stakeholders – from developers to performance engineers – to seamlessly work together using the IDE and tools of choice, including open source and third- party.

Optimize performance with community analysis

Optimize performance with community analysis

Rapidly pinpoint root cause and decrease mean time to repair using smart analytics with real-time insights. Easily centralize, evaluate, and share results from development to production.

Adjustable licensing based on need

Adjustable licensing based on need

Share licenses between LoadRunner products and rapidly adjust consumption based on needs, including seasonal, ad hoc, and peak traffic demands.

  • LoadRunner Professional

    LoadRunner Professional

    Simplified, project-based performance testing solution for local teams

    • Execute performance tests on site with the industry-standard solution for over 25 years
    • Easily manage and maintain infrastructure on-premises
    • Laser focus on the task at hand by executing tests one at a time
  • LoadRunner Enterprise

    LoadRunner Enterprise

    Collaborative performance testing platform for globally distributed teams

    • Execute multiple performance tests concurrently across the globe
    • Share load testing resources, assets, and scripts from a centralized location 24x7
    • Test from anywhere using a common web interface
  • LoadRunner Cloud

    LoadRunner Cloud

    Cloud-based solution to easily plan, run and scale performance tests.

    • Rapidly execute cloud performance testing
    • Easily scale more than 5 million virtual users without management overhead
    • Run multiple tests at the same time with no test concurrency limits
  • LoadRunner Developer

    LoadRunner Developer

    Modern, lightweight tool for Developers and DevTesters to shift-left performance testing.

    • Script, model scenarios, run tests, and quickly analyze the results without leaving the familiar developer ecosystem
    • Integrate seamlessly with any IDE and CI tool
    • Natively run scripts and reuse assets in all LoadRunner family solutions
  • Extensive Integrations

    Extensive Integrations

    Ignite team productivity and collaboration leveraging the LoadRunner family’s extensive list of integrations. Execute swiftly and test performance continuously from development through production.

    • CI/CD: Jenkins, Bamboo, TFS, TeamCity, VSTS/Azure DevOps, AWS CodePipeline, Kubernetes, Docker Swarm
    • Scripting: JMeter, Gatling, Selenium, TruAPI, Pcap, CSV, HAR, VuGen, and more
    • Monitoring: Micro Focus Diagnostics and SiteScope, AppDynamics, DynaTrace, New Relic

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