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COBOL Analyzer

Application insight at the point of change.

Intelligent COBOL application insight.

COBOL Analyzer: Enabling intelligent application insight and knowledge for COBOL developers. Comprehensive analysis through intuitive tools and interactive visualizations for Micro Focus COBOL applications.

Continuous Code Analysis

Actionable insight—achievable now.

Now, developers can check their code before and after changes within their local environment and before committing them to source control management.

proof point

Lower impact analysis. Improve efficiency.

proof point

Increase application quality without added risk.

Actionable insight—achievable now.

Application Visualization

Continuous code change updates.

Intuitive and interactive visualizations ensure stakeholders have application visibility, and developers receive current code change updates.

Accelerate knowledge transfer. Build new skills.

Quickly onboard new developers using familiar tools within modern toolsets.

Customize Code Search

Find what you need in your code.

The pre-built query library includes common and fully customizable queries which can be shared with developers to improve code change visibility.

Optimize application performance with built-in coding standards.

Locate common code migration issues with dedicated searches.

Additional Features

Application Insight

Continuously analyze code changes before committing to the source control management stream.

Scalable Application Repository

Supports Microsoft SQL Server Express, Standard, Enterprise, and Developer editions.

Application Visualization

Intuitive and interactive visualizations give stakeholders full visibility.

Customizable Code Search

A pre-built query library includes fully customizable common queries.

Impact Analysis

Identify affected code in planned code-change events to speed completion.

Code Slicing

Create new objects from existing application code. Identify and re-use business logic, create new APIs, and more.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • “Visual COBOL opens up cloud, DevOps, and mobile access opportunities.”

    Dr. Sören Kemmann
    Managing Director
    B+B Unternehmensberatung
  • “COBOL Analyzer … set us up perfectly for the future.”

    Joanne Simmons
    IT Coordinator
    David Kopf Instruments
  • “Visual COBOL for Eclipse offered the widest range of features.”

    Rainer Midderhoff
    Head of Application Development and IT Security Officer


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