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Cognitive Search

Search with Natural Language Processing and AI—powered by IDOL.

Cognitive Search

Use AI and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand search intent and find the exact desired information with your data. Make analysis simpler and your search application more scalable by going beyond keyword queries.

Data Connectors

Connect to all the data.

Connect to more than 150 content types and 1,500 file formats. Index, classify, tag, and map data all in one place.

Reduce the impact

Reduce the impact on server resources and allow easy access to data through cognitive search.


Customers and employees have easy access through cognitive search.

Data Connectors

Natural Language Processing

Search the way you speak.

NLP algorithms extract concepts and insights from written and spoken language automatically and accurately.

Find the content you need faster, regardless of format.

Identifies language patterns with machine learning to be language independent.

Grammar Libraries

Our grammars do the heavy lifting.

Our grammar libraries identify key content types such as financial, government, and PII. Govern content as it’s ingested to stay compliant.

Grammars can identify names, classified document IDs, brand logos, and more.

Pinpoint key information quickly.

Additional Features


Use visual insights into your data to better understand trends, hotspots and more.

Scalable Search

Scale your search with AI, our self-replicating Docker container, and modular architecture.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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Cognitive Search

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