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Keep mainframe data consistently accurate.


An intelligent mainframe file tool analyzing data, text, and directory file changes. The only single product that compares files on z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE platforms via both ISPF and batch interfaces.

Audit and Compliance

Validate change-control governance.

Quickly and accurately validate changes to data, text, and directory files. Verify production updates are based on scheduled change-control requests.

Increase productivity

Increase productivity and improve quality of application development.

Simplifies debugging

Simplifies debugging, testing, and data validation.

Audit and Compliance

Any-to-Any Comparisons

Comprehensive file and data support.

Comparex compares text, data, and directory functionality to enable quick, accurate change validation and improve application development outcomes.

Unmatched file type support ensures repeatable validation across all applications.

Produce accurate keyword layouts from COBOL, Assembler, or PL/I copybooks.

Flexible Reporting

Automatic conversion between formats.

Create change decks to save differences detected to a separate file (change deck) in CA-PANVALET, CA-LIBRARIAN, IEBUPDTE, or ChangeMan ZMF format.

Display differences down to the byte or half-byte level.

Find, isolate and highlight differences in an easy-to-scan delta report.

Additional Features

Generate Test Data

Improve testing quality by extracting a dedicated subset from production data.

Compare directory members

Compare directories for member names on PDS or PDS/E libraries.

Compare and file type

Perform fast, accurate comparisons of libraries, directories or databases.

  • “Very handy when using large amounts of data and need segregation.”

    Project Manager
  • “It works great for formatting copybooks!”

    General User


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