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Micro Focus

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In 2001, Charles Taite and Marc St-Arnaud established Beginfinite Inc. to ensure the security and stability of government, education, healthcare, and financial institutions running Micro Focus GroupWise. The company’s flagship product, GWAVA, an acronym for GroupWise Anti Virus Agent, quickly eclipsed the company name, and in 2004 Beginfinite became GWAVA, Inc. Josh Gibbs and Michael Bell, creators of the GWAVA product, joined the company in 2004.

GWAVA grew to offer leading multi-platform messaging security and unified archiving solutions for Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Gmail, GroupWise, and more. GWAVA products have been trusted and implemented in thousands of government, education, healthcare, and financial institutions in 60 countries.

The Retain Unified Archiving solution by GWAVA enables organizations to seamlessly archive all electronic business communication data, including archiving email, archiving social media and instant messaging, and archiving mobile communication in one central location.

GWAVA was acquired by Micro Focus International in 2016.

GWAVA Products

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