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InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys

Connect Windows desktops to Unisys hosts.

InfoConnect  Desktop Pro for Unisys

Ensures premium connectivity for Unisys, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, IBM, and HP hosts. Multi-host access from one integrated desktop application to Unisys, IBM, UNIX, Linux, OpenVMS, and HP 3000 systems.

Integration and Automation

Microsoft Office integration and advanced automation.

Enable Microsoft Office and automation such as VBA, CASL, HLLAPI, .NET API and the Micro Focus visual code editor, Express Macro Language.

Help users work more efficiently.

Help users work more efficiently.

Take productivity to new levels.

Take productivity to new levels.

Supports MS Office

Enable Strong Authentication

Implement strong, complex passwords.

Implement best-fit multifactor authentication methods, such as one-time passwords (OTP), biometric, push token, mobile authentication, and more.

Reinforce corporate security.

Enable multifactor authentication.

Encryption Options

PCI DSS and GDPR compliance.

FIPS 140-2 validation, TLS 1.3 encryption, ECC, HSPD-12 (PIV/CAC), SHA-256/RSA-2048 digital signatures and patented Secure Token Authorization.

Make your data safer with InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unysis.

Safety at scale: Enterprise grade security.

Additional Features

Modern User Experience

Intuitive workspace interface supports tabbed sessions, ribbons, and more.

Integrate Host Access Control with your IAM

Team InfoConnect Desktop with MSS to centralize control via integration with your existing IAM system.

Enable Enterprise-Strength Security

Secure host data in motion and mask sensitive information on host screens.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.

  • "We have been working with Micro Focus as a trusted partner for more than 20 years to support our enterprise's critical infrastructure. Micro Focus has worked with us over the decades to make our enterprise secure, with modern interfaces, helping us meet evolving security requirements, including HSPD-12 compliance. We look forward to continuing our trusted partnership into the future, as without Micro Focus it would be extremely difficult to maintain operations."

    Senior IT Operations Manager
    U.S. federal government agency


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InfoConnect Desktop Pro for Unisys

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