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InfoConnect Desktop

A family of modern terminal emulators, print options, and developer tools.

InfoConnect Desktop

InfoConnect Desktop products provide reliable, secure Unisys and IBM mainframe connections. These terminal emulators, print options, and dev tools are perfect for problem-averse organizations running demanding workloads on Unisys mainframes.

Secure Host Access

Protected and connected.

Benefit from enterprise-strength security with FIPS 140-2 validated cryptography, TLS 1.3 encryption, and smart card authentication for adherence to HSPD-12.

Replace weak passwords with stronger protection, including best-fit MFA.
Enable greater security: on-site data compliance and secure cloud access.



  • “Micro Focus … made our enterprise secure [and] meet HSPD-12 compliance.”

    Senior IT Operations Manager
    U.S. federal government agency


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InfoConnect Desktop

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