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Natural Language Q&A and Chatbot

Natural language AI and ML chats—powered by IDOL.

Natural language AI and ML chats—powered by IDOL.

Create a human dialog chat experience for customers through AI and ML. It accesses a variety of sources for highly matched answers and responds in a natural language format.

Multi-Source Answers

One source isn’t enough.

Our chatbot pulls from many resource types to return highly matched answers to natural language queries.

Natural language processing

Natural language processing enhances the customer experience.

Multi-sourcing allows chatbot

Multi-sourcing allows chatbot to respond more specifically to natural language queries.

Multi-Source Answers

Answer Bank

FAQs for your chatbot.

IDOL can use FAQ sets as an answer bank for solving customer issues, just like a human agent.

Increase customer satisfaction with chat answers to commonly asked questions.

Fact Bank

The best answer is the right one.

Search all of your databases to create the best answers to your customer’s specific chat questions.

Enhance customer satisfaction with the correct answer to specific chat questions.

Additional Features

Passage Extraction

IDOL searches data beyond FAQs and fact banks to construct the best chat responses.

Dialogue Systems

The system will ask follow-up questions until enough info is gathered to answer.


Continuously learns from new information to refine its effectiveness.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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Natural Language Q&A and Chatbot

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