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The StarTool Family

Automated mainframe systems management.

StarTool Family

Boost productivity with intelligent, automated mainframe systems management. StarTool FDM simplifies file management tasks and eliminates the need for multiple tools, while StarTool IOO simplifies load module management.

StarTool FDM

Simplify complex data and file management.

A comprehensive, unified environment for editing and managing virtually any file type. It reduces costs associated with file management tasks and tools.


Recreate application logic quickly and improve recovery time.


Eliminate the need for homegrown file and data routines.


StarTool IOO

Automate I/O tuning for the z/OS.

Dynamically tunes the major components of application processing functions to achieve dramatic throughput improvements.

Application efficiency and responsiveness for mission-critical applications.

Adjusts performance criteria and operating conditions based on I/O requests.

StarTool IOO

Intelligent buffer management tool for z/OS.

Optimized, intelligent database using standard and custom I/O performance rules, custom settings, and real-time detection of actual file usage.

Automatically and dynamically tunes the z/OS major components.
Reduce analyst time devoted to I/O tuning to achieve dramatic throughput.

Additional Features

VSAM Optimization

Dynamically manage both VSAM and non-VSAM I/O buffering in any environment.

Custom scripting and tool consolidation

Increase productivity using one unified tool for all data types.


Featured Resources

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