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Storage Manager

User and group file system management for Open Enterprise Server networks.

Storage Manager

Storage Manager allows automated, policy-based management of Open Enterprise Server network file systems and user group storage. For Active Directory systems, Storage Manager is now File Dynamics.

Automated Tasks

Automate all your tasks.

User groups, home folder provisioning, rights settings, disk quota settings, home folder renames, and more—it’s all automatic.

Save time with automated tasks.

Save time with automated tasks.

Save money and put your staff on more critical projects.

Save money and put your staff on more critical projects.

Automated Tasks

Secure Access

Keep stored data safe.

Use identity and role-based policies with existing provisioning and IAM systems to ensure users only see the stored files they're authorized to see.

Provision storage and access based on identity.

Restrict access based on a user’s role.

Storage Manager for AD

Introducing File Dynamics.

Storage Manager for AD is now File Dynamics. It’s software solely focused on the storage and management demands of today’s AD organizations.

Easily manage and govern data, growth, and automation.

Meet compliance and security requirements.

Customer Success

Our customers do more.


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Storage Manager

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