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AI Video Surveillance Analytics

Video surveillance analytics—powered by IDOL.

Video surveillance analytics—powered by IDOL.

Automatically monitor thousands of CCTV cameras in real time or retrospectively. Tag video, send alerts, review, and distribute to interested parties.

Facial Detection

Identify faces in masses of data.

Analysts must search increasing amounts of data to identify criminal suspects. Easily collect, classify, organize, and identify faces for investigations.

Faster search for faces within video data.

Faster search for faces within video data.


Get more results from smaller analyst teams.


Event Analysis

Instant event detection.

Know what’s happening when it’s happening in specific locations. AI models identify and notify users where manual monitoring is not always possible.

Reduce response times.

Improve security in remote and dispersed areas.

License Plate Recognition

Find stolen vehicles faster.

Detect and read license plate numbers in images or video to help detect stolen or uninsured vehicles.

Identify make, model, and color of vehicles along with license plate numbers.

Monitor the length of time vehicles stay in car parks.

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AI Video Surveillance Analytics

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