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Optimize My Mainframe Spend by Moving COBOL & PL/I Applications to More Flexible Platforms and Architectures

My existing mainframe applications are vital to the business, but their infrastructure has made IT inflexible to change. I need to modernize and embrace new technologies in order to stay competitive. How can I quickly move to a more agile, cost-effective solution than my proprietary IT environment?

We help you…

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Move fit-for-purpose mainframe applications to a safe, proven, and scalable infrastructure – without change

Moving to a flexible, modern architecture couldn’t be easier. With Micro Focus Enterprise Server technology, you can rehost COBOL and PL/I applications to a mainframe emulation environment built for enterprise reliability, availability, scalability, and performance. Our unique rehost solutions allows for easy application portability for a wide range of environments, including Unisys Clearpath, IBM z Systems, Bull, Fujitsu, BS2000, ICL, Tandem, and many more.


Deploy mainframe applications to .NET and Azure

Easily deploy mainframe applications to .NET or Microsoft Azure. Take your COBOL and CICS applications to a modern environment. Using Micro Focus Enterprise Server for .NET, confidently run mainframe workload under .NET as managed code. Quickly virtualize mainframe and COBOL applications using on-premise, hosted, or Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions. Using these technologies, step into the cloud and start modernizing your COBOL applications using Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions.


Re-host enterprise COBOL applications to new platforms using Oracle Tuxedo or IBM TX Series

Rehost Mainframe applications to new platforms using industry-leading COBOL technology. Micro Focus Visual COBOL enables easy rehosting of Mainframe COBOL applications targeting IBM TX Series or Oracle Tuxedo solutions. With over 40 years of proven enterprise capability, Micro Focus COBOL is the industry-proven and partner-preferred solution for your next application rehost project.


Move enterprise COBOL applications to Linux, Java, and open platforms

Reduce your TCO and improve IT agility by leveraging open architectures and cost-effective platforms. Rehost your Mainframe COBOL applications to Linux on Intel, POWER, or z Systems platforms using Micro Focus Visual COBOL. Move your existing applications to Java by compiling COBOL programs directly to Java byte code. Deploy to the Java Virtual Machine, an adaptable and open platform ready for enterprise applications.

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